About Dr. Hawn Family Dentistry

Dr. Hawn graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1982 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. In 1986 Dr. Hawn graduated from the Medical College of Virginia (MCV-VCU) with his Dental degree. That same year he opened his practice in Lovettsville Virginia. During the summers of dental school Dr. Hawn worked at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond.

He worked in two operatories with an assistant under the supervision of the Chief of Staff. He also treated the dental needs of substance abuse and psychiatric ward patients. While at McGuire, Dr. Hawn worked with an oral surgeon on jaw resections and oral cancer patients.

After establishing his practice in Lovettsville, Dr. Hawn further expanded his training in Implant surgery and restoration with Corevent now known as Zimmer Implants. His more current continuing education has been on bone grafting, soft tissue reconstruction, and dental restorative materials.

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